City/ Farm part II

BigTrapI talked with a hawk trapper yesterday and this is what he is building for us.  The hawk swoops down to get “a chick” (in the cage) and is caught in the little nooses.  Sam (hawk catcher) is really excited because our hawk is a Coopers Hawk and he really would like to study it and release it on his ranch in outside of town.  I’m excited because my chickens will live and we can continue to get amazing eggs, and Dr. Drew Cavin in Tenn.  will be able to sleep at night knowing that his hill billy friends down in Texas still love nature!  (thanks for he comment Dr Drew! How do you like the new site?)  Here is a picture of our Coopers Hawk.CoopersHawk1

To be continued…..


Life on the city/farm

“Farmers look at hawks differently than conservationists  do.”  – Rick Dulas

Yesterday…. I came home for lunch as normal.  Ate with my beautiful wife and went to check on our girls.

I opened our back door and surveyed our land for wonderful grain converting/egg making animals.


I took five more steps out onto the deck and my eyes caught sight of a hawk.  It was about 1 foot tall and standing … looking into my soul.  In its talons… my chicken.

I ran to the hawk as it flew off, only to find one of our beautiful girls … dead.

In a panic I ran across the street to ask Rick if he had a gun… for some hawk killn’.  That’s when he said, “Farmers look at hawks differently than conservationists  do.”

To be totally honest… that hawk is a dead man! I love the earth and nature, but when you mess with my flock… you dead.

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